Varied Learning

Good High School Design Needs Know-How.

Our holistic approach to designing schools and learning environments takes center stage in our approach to high school design in Texas

Instead of taking an in-the-box approach that would treat each student the same, we work with high schools to design buildings that allow for flexibility while still keeping an eye toward individualized student learning and teaching styles. 

Wylie East Elementary Cafeteria
We've spent decades perfecting high school design.
That includes listening to your needs.

Listening to your Community

Every high school is different. From geography to regional student needs. We believe that nobody is more informed on how to address your unique student population's needs than you. That's why our high school architecture firm in Texas works closely with high school administration and community leaders designated by the district to make sure that what we create addresses your high school population's needs.

  • Principal Partnership

    Our meetings are lead by a project manager of CADCO. So you know that you are getting the best, most accurate information from our primary decision-makers. 

  • 40 years designing high schools

    CADCO has been designing schools and education facilities for over 40 years. So we know a thing or two about what it takes to complete a successful project the right way!

  • District Lead, Student Focused

    We recognize that we're on top of what is going on in the world of design but, ultimately, this is your district's project. Our number one goal is to make sure that the high school that is built reflects your students, faculty, and student's wants and needs accurately.

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What Cadco does differently creates better high schools.

We believe in real partnership. That means that the buck has to stop with the decision-makers. That's why all of our meetings are led by a team leader of CADCO. Evey meeting with the community, every meeting with the district, and even all of our site meetings are lead by someone with real, first-hand knowledge and experience designing High Schools.

We do this so that the districts we work with know that what happens in these meetings goes.

All meetings are led by a team leader of CADCO.

Your community develops trust with our company's leaders.

We do not charge you for site meetings. 

It's the little things

A small but substantial difference that we believe more invests us in our projects is that we do not charge for site meetings.

From pre-bond to project completion, our team leader travel is part of the investment we believe in making with our partner districts.

If we have a letter of agreement with your district before the bond we do not charge anything if the bond fails.  We see this as a cost of doing business and want you to know that we believe it's important to show proof of our personal investment in your project.

Next Steps

When selected by a district to build or modify a high school, we will work directly with the Superintendent, Board of Trustees, Principal, or a committee selected by the board to investigate what the needs and wants are for the district and a general estimate of the cost required to complete the project.  CADCO will take the information gathered from these meetings and create a general footprint or direction and incorporate them into renderings, preliminary plans, and possible options of phasing or cost savings depending on the number of buildings requested.

Once a general consensus for direction is agreed upon by the district we will host community meetings describing the design and plan to the public to ensure the voters know what they are voting on.

The Details are important

Detailed High School Planning

After bond passage, our team begins meeting with local stakeholders in your community to develop the final plan for your high school. We take exhaustive community and district input and interview existing conditions to really get a granular understanding of what the needs and wants are for the district so that we can develop the best plan options for your budget.

We work to ensure that your is the best it can be by being upfront and honest through the entire progression. Additionally, we help you understand the process so your district makes the most out of your bond funds. Because we want your project to be a success.

We will help ensure your bond funds go as far as possible.

Our success is measured in repeat clients.

This is an all-inclusive, community process.

We act in your best interest at all times. 

During construction and before we work as the owner's representative when communicating with the contractor, we work in the district's best interests at all times.

We take concrete steps to ensure that your district, administration, educators, and students will love and benefit from our high school design in Texas from start to after completion.

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