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About Us

Committed to School Achievement

Student Advocates

CADCO is committed to championing student achievement through thoughtful, researched, and committed architectural design. We strive every day to develop environments in our design and through our philanthropic work locally to help young people achieve. It is up to us to see this generation of students become the next generation of leaders.

Leaders in Educational Design

Why Work with Us​

CADCO Architects & Engineers has been a leading voice in school design for decades. We believe that schools should be thoughtfully designed to help districts achieve the best life outcomes for their students possible.

  • Personal attention

    You will have one point of contact from concept to completion.

  • Our clients are our biggest advocates.

    We encourage future clients to contact any of the Districts we have worked with and openly discuss how the project went.  A key to our success has been the relationships we've built with our clients and we strive to continue that relationship far beyond the completion of a project.

  • We know that every project is unique.

    We strive to design facilities that meet your needs and promotes pride with the students and citizens.

  • Education Professionals

    85% of our work is solely on Educational projects.

  • We build relationships.

    We keep you involved from the schematic phase to the final design. We want you to feel like you know what is going on with the project just as much as the architect.


Our Story

CADCO has been an Abilene, Texas-based architectural and engineering design firm since its inception in 1980. Our company designs creative, functional, and practical facilities within strict budget parameters to meet the needs of our clients. CADCO has continued to deliver quality buildings that fit within clients’ budgets and that will last for years to come. Our prior experience includes projects ranging from new construction of educational facilities, to multi-use sports complexes, to commercial, to business to non-profit institutions, to renovations and interior design.

Over the past 40 years, CADCO has transformed into a highly productive medium-size firm that is able to compete with the larger 100 plus person companies.  Because we have surrounded ourselves with people that love what they do.  Our success is owed to our staff of diverse people, ideas, and experience working hard to deliver our client’s needs in a timely manner.  Due to our size, we have the luxury to choose which projects will be a good fit for us just like our clients do when choosing an Architect.  This freedom allows CADCO to maintain a consistent approach for every project.    

Over 40 years of experience

Understanding of our client fit.

Client-centered philosophy

Our Approach

Our approach to a project is simple:  Regardless of size, cost, or building type every project deserves the same focus and personal attention.  Our clients deserve one point of contact such that, every project is headed by an experienced project manager from before design to well beyond completion.

Building Relationships

We design buildings but build relationships.  These relationships are our marketing  - we have a vested interest in a successful project and satisfied clients.  We recommend our potential clients reach out to any of our past and current clients to get an unbiased honest opinion on how CADCO achieved goals and addressed their needs.

Our Principals

Chuck Doby, P.E. Founder, CEO


W. Richard Rogers, AIA


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